Hello, this is Content Peter!

What makes someone an online communication expert?

Travel writer turned entrepreneur, Peter holds two degrees in the fields of communication and editorial studies. With years of freelancing expereince and thousands of miles traveled under his belt, nowadays he enjoys the challanges of helping local businesses change their online presence for the better.

Some say, all you need is talent. Others think luck will help. I believe in work. If you put in the hours, sooner or later, you will earn your place at the table. The same applies to everything in life, may it be social goals, pet projects, or even business! Peter Balog

What I do

Jack of all trades!

Search Engine Optimization

Site optimization is key to getting better rankings on search engines like Google. I help weed out bad SEO practices on your site, getting more clicks for your business!


PR articles, blogging, link exchanges. Linkbuilding has a social element to it, and having a widespread acquaintanceship can do wonders!

Social Media

Build your social media presence with great content and well-thougth out campaigns, and soon you will see people flooding to your business!


A well-run Adwords of Facebook campaign can make all the difference. I bring down your cost/conversion, increase CTR and conversions!


Content is still king. The best way to engage your audience is to offer compelling content. Copywriting is a tough gig, but done right, it can do wonders to your SEO too!

Local listings

I help you manage Google Plus, Facebook, Yelp, Foursquare, and dozens of more local listings. All can provide extra traffic for your business.

Why work with me?

Keeping it simple

SEO, conversions, keywords… I do my best to not just tell you why these are important, but I make a point of telling you this in a manner you like to hear: why is this good for your company?

Knowing your market

I live and breathe in an international environment. I have been working with contractors from all over the world for past 10 years now. USA, Europe, Africa, Asia. You name it!

Almost zero paperwork

I handle all the administration with my accountant, keeping your total costs down. No medical needs, I pay my own taxes, no fuss.

Belief in trust

I firmly believe that developing long lasting relationships with clients is not just good business, but essential to provide the best service.

For small businesses

Hiring a full-time consultant, SEO expert or marketing guru is very expensive, and most local businesses don’t need that. For a small company roughly 10 hours a week can make all the difference you need! That’s me!

Budget friendly

I keep my prices down by being a one-man team. I determine my hourly rates and packages based on how much value I can create for your business!

How it works

A simple system designed to gradually build trust between parties

Step 1

The Initial Report

I write a 12 page report on your site

 Competition, keyword and market research

 What are you doing great, SEO, social media, ads, content

 How can we improve further, setting up new milestones

 A complete plan on how to achieve these goals

You learn about
the potential of your business!

Step 2


We implement the findings of the report

 We can improve technical, on-page and off-page SEO

 We can revitalize your social media presence

 We can explore AdWords and Facebook ad opportunities

 We can write awesome copy to attract more customers

You get to see
this potential fulfilled!

Step 3


We work hard to keep you ahead

 We continue the good work with regular content updates

 Constant monitoring of competition, adding new backlinks and more!

 I keep the things running, you can pay attention to your business!

 You get what you paid for: optional packages tailored for your company

You enjoy the
long-term benefits!

Some of my recent work

Projects with various involvement

Here's what my clients have to say

Your online presence matters, now more than ever

Ready to boost your sales?

According to Search Engine Watch, 50% of all mobile searches are conducted in hopes of finding local results, and 61% of those searches result in a purchase. Do you want in or out on that traffic?

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By the numbers

Content Peter is a story unfolding over a decade

10+ Years of freelance experience
5000+ Pages of copy written
40+ Projects worked on
20+ Clients from different countries

Would you like to work with me?

I'm here to help your business!