Full Stack Marketing Solutions

From planning to implementation, Content Peter brings a comprehensive and agile approach to marketing with one goal in mind – helping your business find its voice!

Meet your niche marketing specialist.

Blockchain enthusiast, digital nomad evangelist, sustainable tourism advocate – although labels never gave justice to what truly motivates me. I love discussing great ideas, telling stories, and building marketing funnels for projects I believe in.

Nowadays I find my greatest challenges in translating great global opportunities to a more local and human level, may it be a technological breakthrough like blockchain, the wonders and threats of a location independent global workforce, or even the mechanisms behind current mass communication trends.

Recent Projects and Appearances

European Freelancers Week

Kaptar Coworking Office – Workshop on Personal Branding for digital nomads

Carpathian Tourism Project

Visegrad Fund, UN – Workshops on marketing for sustainable tourism products, held in Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Czech Republic


Magazine for Digital Nomads (HU) – Content writing, branding, social media marketing


Development and implementation of Search Engine Marketing strategy

Services and

Content at Heart

Quality over quantity. I truly believe the old adage of marketing, spend your two dollars on creating great content, and spend your one dollar on promoting said content.

Strategic Approach

Building marketing funnels is about keeping the big picture in sight. SEM, CRO, UX, I shuffle your abbreviations with great care.

Design First

At the end of the day, your product will be used by humans, and us humans generally speaking tend to appreciate good design choices. So we market for humans.

Always on Message

Marketing is the art of crafting a narrative and making sure that it is distributed to the right people. We stay on message, that's how you talk to your people.